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“度 & 程序”

University of Phoenix 任务 and 目的

University of Phoenix provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and 技能 necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations, and provide leadership and 服务 to their communities.


  • To facilitate cognitive and effective student learning—knowledge, 技能, and values—and to promote use of that knowledge in the student's workplace.
  • To develop competence in communication, 批判性思维, 协作, and information utilization, together with a commitment to lifelong learning for enhancement of students' opportunities for career success.
  • To provide 指令 that bridges the gap between theory and practice through faculty members who bring to their classroom not only advanced academic preparation, but also the 技能 that come 从 the current practice of their professions.
  • To provide 通识教育 and foundational 指令 and 服务 that prepare students to engage in a variety of university curricula.
  • To use technology to create effective modes and means of 指令 that expand access to 学习资源 and that enhance 协作 and communication for improved student learning.
  • To assess student learning and use assessment data to improve the teaching/learning system, 课程, 指令, 学习资源, 咨询, and student 服务.
  • To be organized as a private institution in order to foster a spirit of innovation that focuses on providing academic quality, 服务, 卓越, and convenience to the working student.
  • To generate the financial 资源 necessary to support the University's mission.

Start a conversation about your future with an enrollment representative today.

Start a conversation about your future with an enrollment representative today.